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Gideon Lau King Sii
Andy Ngooi Chin Hung
#77619 See Andy Ngooi Chin Hung on facebook
Ivy Stanislaus
#76953 See Ivy Stanislaus on facebook
Celine Khor
#76712 See Celine Khor on facebook
Jess Wong
#76276 See Jess Wong on LinkedIn
Teoh EK Eng Kiat
#75754 See Teoh EK Eng Kiat on facebook
Manishalynn Chye Leng Khoo
#75753 See Manishalynn Chye Leng Khoo on facebook
Yap Soo Tat
#74914 See Yap Soo Tat on facebook
Nurul-Huda Mohamed Afandi
#74057 See Nurul-Huda Mohamed Afandi on facebook
Kelvin Chew
#74053 See Kelvin Chew on facebook
Sie Ung Linda Ling
#74034 See Sie Ung Linda Ling on facebook
Ralikrishnan Wong
Wai Loon Ooi
#74030 See Wai Loon Ooi on facebook
Chan Chee Yoong
#72752 See Chan Chee Yoong on facebook
YVON Yvonne Foong Ling Choo
#71098 See YVON Yvonne Foong Ling Choo on facebook
Eric Ng Chee Kian
#70120 See Eric Ng Chee Kian on facebook
Alexander ALEX Chok
#70117 See Alexander ALEX Chok on facebook
Chuen Hooi, Dennis Tan
#69338 See Chuen Hooi, Dennis Tan on facebook
Gordon Cho Yaw Guan
#69337 See Gordon Cho Yaw Guan on facebook
Chong King Wong
Lee Siang Che
Jason Tay Yeong Soon
How Kang Ling
Annie Wong Mui Ting
David Cheng
#66842 See David Cheng on LinkedIn
Young Kook Kang
#66584 See Young Kook Kang on facebook
Alice Kam
#64360 See Alice Kam on facebook
Douglas Chin Yin Howe
#64355 See Douglas Chin Yin Howe on facebook
Thomas Tiong Gik Lee
Robin Ngui Kwong Kee
Benny Lee Chung Fatt
Patrick Lau Sie Kong
Chiam Eng An
#61536 See Chiam Eng An on facebook
Kenny Sun Yew Siong
#61533 See Kenny Sun Yew Siong on facebook
Rose Lai
#61531 See Rose Lai on facebook
James sie Dok Wong
#61529 See James sie Dok Wong on facebook
IRIS Nancy Wong Le Yieng
#61527 See IRIS Nancy Wong Le Yieng on facebook
Jimmy TIE Hien Hwa
#61525 See Jimmy TIE Hien Hwa on facebook
Ernest Goh Khiok Seng
#58475 See Ernest Goh Khiok Seng on facebook
Francis Seng Chee Ng
#56588 See Francis Seng Chee Ng on facebook
John Ung Sia
Sze Hwa Ooi
#56583 See Sze Hwa Ooi on facebook
Lee Wah Chiam
#56578 See Lee Wah Chiam on facebook
Fah Kiong Phan
#55524 See Fah Kiong Phan on LinkedIn
Christopher Kong Chark Shew
Teck Ung Wong
Pauline Lau Suk Kiong
Ng Thooi Kem
#55186 See Ng Thooi Kem on facebook
Stephan George
#50734 See Stephan George on facebook
SK Wong Shon Kwang
#50353 See SK Wong Shon Kwang on facebook
Christina Loket Ping TAN
Billy Ooi Swee Hock
James Bong Kui Chin
Nicholas Tiing Hee Song
#48795 See Nicholas Tiing Hee Song on facebook
Kee Choon Wong
Philip Lau Lee Haine
Michael Wong Ngee Khih
Teresa Margeritta Alberto
#48783 See Teresa Margeritta Alberto on facebook
Sing Lok Tang
Peter Soon Lian Chong
#48780 See Peter Soon Lian Chong on facebook
Thomas Mee Tung Tieng
Yew Soong Pang
Marcus Mojigoh
#46912 See Marcus Mojigoh on facebook
Charles Lau Hieng Yuong
John Tiong Chiong Yii
Wong Eng Kong
Edward Lau Hui Bean
Loo Cheng Seong
Kitty Chiam Siew Eng
#39362 See Kitty Chiam Siew Eng on facebook
Benny Choong Chee Low
#39361 See Benny Choong Chee Low on facebook
ALBERT Lau Chee Chang ??
#39355 See ALBERT Lau Chee Chang ?? on facebook
Jeffery Lai Sing Wong
Andrew Tiong Hock Seng
ZAHRA Evelyn Gertrude Gomes Ismail
#33027 See ZAHRA Evelyn Gertrude Gomes Ismail on facebook
Wilson YEK Chiu Ing
#32626 See Wilson YEK Chiu Ing on facebook
Adeline Leong
Tan Kar An
#30599 See Tan Kar An on facebook
Bob K Chang
#30108 See Bob K Chang on facebook
Maria Nobleza HO LUZ
#30106 See Maria Nobleza HO LUZ on facebook
James Lim Heng Kam
#29385 See James Lim Heng Kam personal website
Francis Yeow
#26823 See Francis Yeow on facebook
Haji Ahmad Ali Aziz
KJR Singam
V T Nathan
George Chin
Sri Sim Kheng Lung

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The purpose is to make better communication, more friend- and fellowship, better understanding across borders between senators around the world or maybe also some advices when on travel or even to get business advices.

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