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Welcome to

the world's largest JCI senator Network - not just a group, but an exclusive network fwor JCI senators. Here you can find "the one senator" in another country (currently 146 different countries) and maybe in a specific city. Most have also signed up for one of the JCIsenator groups on LinkedIn and / or Facebook, so you get a link to his/her profile, so that you can apply / join each other's network and recreate / build a relationship and a friendship. The relationship and interaction is the difference between a group and a network!

Our network is based on a community across borders, religion and cultures where we are all JCI senators – the highest honor in our organization Junior Chamber International.

We would like to offer membership to all JCI senator, but special to the new senator to welcome them into the world wide JCI senator family, to the local senator, who has not been to so many congresses, either national or international and do only doing the local networking in the chapter. Or have you in olds days met another senator at a congress or other JCI meeting: what was the name,? how do you spell the name? or can you only remember something of the name, then it is possible to look for the senator's photo (the photo is always a must under registration / membership)

Our global programs can be
#JCIsenatorGolf #JCisenatorLiaison #JCIsenatorBusiness #JCIsenatorAi


As a Liaison senator you need to personal sign up, this requires also that you are willing to be registered on our closed #JCIsenatorMAP - here you and other members, can then find "the one senator" by searching for an area / city or another country - when you are planning your next trip or just want to make an international friendship.

As a #JCIsenatorLiaison senator, you can expect great experiences special if it is possible to make the calendars fit and meet in your town, exchange some JCI spirit and share a cup of coffee - remember that liaison is NOT equal to home hospitality - here we assist with good advice, so that visiting senators can experience the local restaurant that serves good ingredients and good service - the local restaurant that tourists don't normally find. Or when someone visit your area, what is needed to see?, is this HOTEL ok? – YOU can advice and you can become a #JCIsenatorLiaison and help your fellows.


To become a member in this group you have two possibilities to sign up:

Sign up via LinkedIN
Click here
Sign up via Facebook
Click here

Welcome to one of the senator groups and thank you to be part the global webpage

We do hope that you will find more old senator friends and make some new friendships, to make JCI stronger

If you need any help or more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

with best JCI senator friendship regards

Frank #59603 from Copenhagen
42nd President Danish Senate